What Happens if You Leave a Chipped Tooth Untreated?

Leaving a chipped tooth untreated can have serious consequences such as infection spreading to other parts of body, nerve damage leading to root canal treatment and ultimately resulting in loss of teeth.

What Happens if You Leave a Chipped Tooth Untreated?

Leaving a chipped tooth untreated can have serious consequences. Without professional treatment, a broken tooth is susceptible to an infection that only worsens over time. This infection can spread to the neck and head, causing all kinds of health problems. Although rare, a chipped tooth may be life-threatening.

Bacteria can enter the cracked tooth and spread, leading to an abscess or a bag of bacteria that can cause an infection. This infection, if left unnoticed, can spread to other parts of the body and become a serious health problem. In addition, a broken tooth can often cause nerve damage and can ultimately result in root canal treatment. If a cracked tooth is not treated, the pulp and other tissues inside can be infected.

Once this occurs, the chance of losing your tooth increases. Keep in mind that the sooner appropriate measures are taken, the more likely you are to prevent the progression of the crack, relieve pain and save the tooth. Leaving a broken tooth untreated can lead to tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and ultimately, tooth loss. Sometimes, a splinter or fracture exposes the pulp of the tooth.

This portion houses all the nerves and is incredibly vulnerable without enamel and dentin protection. Because of the damage, harmful oral bacteria could easily penetrate and infect nerves and cause severe toothache. When this happens, it may cause you to need invasive treatment, such as root canal therapy, to help relieve pain and save the tooth. The best way to prevent this in the first place is to visit the dentist immediately after you have suffered an oral trauma.

An untreated cracked tooth can cause tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and ultimately tooth loss. If you've broken a tooth, it's important to make an appointment with your Dallas dentist for proper evaluation and treatment as soon as possible. Your dentist can restore your smile if you're not satisfied with the way your teeth work. There are several treatments to consider.

However, if a chipped tooth isn't an aesthetic problem for you, you may be able to leave it alone without repairing it. Make an appointment with your dentist for an exam if you experience any pain that comes and goes or becomes more intense when biting or when consuming something hot or cold. A crown can stabilize a chipped tooth and helps improve not only the aesthetics of the tooth, but also the bite force. If the inside of the tooth is affected, it is strongly recommended to undergo root canal treatment to preserve the patient's tooth.

A cracked tooth can range from a simple splinter on the outside of the enamel to complete tooth breakage, leaving pulp and dentin exposed. If you chipped a tooth and didn't treat it, it's only a matter of time before it can cause another dental problem. Compared to other complications such as gum disease, tooth loss, or oral cancer, it seems to a person that having a broken tooth is no big deal. A broken tooth can be caused by tooth decay, and tooth decay can cause an infection of the gum or pulp.

If detected early, the dentist can fill the crack or splinter with specialized dental cement to prevent future pain or infection.

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